Easy peasy. To get started, click on the button "Post a job offer":

You will be prompted to fill in some information about your job opening. Not all fields are mandatory, but remember that the more information you give about your listings, the better the matching of the candidates you receive will be. What do you need to include:

  • A concise TITLE of your offer, describing the position that you're looking for
  • A short DESCRIPTION of what you need for the opening, or any special requirement/condition you need the candidate to know before applying
  • The SECTOR of your job offer
  • The LOCATION in which the job will take place. Try to be as accurate as possible. Candidates will view the offers by distance, which means that you will receive applications from closer candidates if you provide the precise location of the work location.

The second step will be to add some additional information to your offer:

  • The START DATE of the job. If this date is approximate, don't worry. Input any day that would work and you will inform the candidate later by chat.
  • An END DATE, if it applies. This comes in handy for short-term hirings.
  • The DAYS PER WEEK required for your job offer. 
  • The number of HOURS PER DAY the candidate will need to work.
  • The SALARY you will be rewarding the candidate with.

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