Sit back and relax: your job offer is instantly displayed to candidates and you will start receiving applications in no-time. When the first candidates apply to your offer, here is what you need to do:

Check your pending candidates

Candidates applying to your job offer will appear in the tab Candidates > Pending. Check out how it would look like:

Your applications expire within 14 days. The blu bar that appears in each application will help you remember how much time you have left to review and reply to your candidates. In case you don't give an answer to the candidates within the available time range, the candidate will disappear from your pending list, and he will be informed that he hasn't been selected for your offer. He will be able to apply again if wanted. 

At that point, you will most likely have a large number of candidates waiting for your answer. In order to ease out the screening and keeping only what matches your needs, you can filter them based on a set of criteria before giving them an answer.

Filter your pending candidates

On top of your candidates' list, you will find a toolbar where you can apply filters in order to better target the candidates you are reviewing:

  • Distance: although candidates apply to job offers available around them, you may receive candidates that are located too far away for your needs. You can apply a filter of distance in order to see candidates only within the wanted radius.

  • Experience level: the level of experience, in years, the candidate informed having in his profile experience section.

  • Keyword: any keyword a candidate may have included in his profile. This comes in handy when you want to look for candidates with a specific requirement (e.g.: "English", "Pro-active", "Young"...) or even a specific company where he has worked before (e.g.: "McDonald's", "Starbucks", "Zara"...).

Notifications of new candidates

Your browser will notify you every time a candidate applied to your offer, in real-time. Make sure you have accepted to receive notifications from your browser. 

On top of that, if you have pending candidates to review, you will receive an e-mail with a reminder that you need to check them out before their application expires.

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