Once you have checked out the candidates that applied to your offers, it's important that you provide candidates with timely feedback.
Remember that a candidate that you discard today could the perfect fit for another opportunity in your team in the future.

Take action in one click

When candidates apply to your job offer, you can:

  • Turn down: click on it if the candidate is not what you're looking for, and you do not wish to see its profile again. By turning down a candidate he/she will be automatically notified that he didn't make it through the selection process and that he can apply to other offers. Also, that same candidate will disappear from your pending candidates' thread, and he won't be able to apply again to that specific job offer.

  • Preselect: When you preselect a candidate, he/she will automatically receive a notification letting him know that he made it through the first step of the selection process. The candidate will get saved in your Preselected candidates' tab. You will always be able to access your Preselected candidates, with no time limit.
    The preselection of a candidate also opens the chance for you to start a chat with the candidate.

The Turn-down and Preselect buttons are located in each one of your applications, from the list and detail view.

Why is it important to give feedback to your applications?

When a candidate applies to a job offer, it is important that they receive quick feedback on whether they've been selected or not, so they don't have the impression that no one is really managing the selection process. If they do, they will likely lose faith in your job opportunity and will be quickly looking somewhere else. So, giving fast feedback will help you keep your candidates engaged!

Candidates are able to see the response rate and time of companies when they apply for an offer. A good response rate will most likely attract qualified candidates. Furthermore, this will help you keep up the reputation of your company. 

Also, remember that turning down or preselecting a candidate avoids him/her to apply again to your offer, which will help you save time by not screening the same candidate many times.

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