First of all, thanks for joining us. We are glad to have you on board!
By following these few simple steps you'll make the most out of CornerJob.

If you have any questions or doubts, click the Live Support orange button from the bottom-left of the screen and ask our awesome team. We'll be happy to help you anytime. 

Step 1: Post your job offer

Post your offers within minutes by clicking on the button "Post offer". By filling out the quick form you'll be able to add the information related to your opening.

Step 2: Quickly receive applications 

Once you've posted your job offer, it will automatically be live and visible to all candidates. Our matching algorithms allow candidates to access relevant offers and enable you to receive pre-matched applications.

Generally, you start receiving applications within minutes. If you don't, use the Live Support widget, located on the bottom-left of your screen, to make sure everything is OK.

We will notify you by e-mail within 3 hours every time you receive a new application. So feel free to quit the platform and come back later! Make sure to have your e-mail preferences activated so you don't miss out on any candidate.

To know more about receiving applications, have a look at our extended guidelines here.

Step 3: Manage your applications

At this point, you have published your offer and received hips of applications for it. It is now time to screen the candidates that you received, and give them feedback on their application.

When a candidate applies to one of your offers, it will automatically appear on your My Candidates > Pending tab:

Important: applications expire after 14 business hours. You will see a count-down timer on each of your applications that indicate the time left they each have.

At that point, you are going to want to preselect the candidates that you want to keep on your selection process, and turn down the ones that don't:

  • When you preselect a candidate, the profile will also be saved in your Preselected tab. The candidate will automatically be notified, and you will both be able to start a chat together.¬†

  • When you discard a candidate, he will disappear from your candidates' list. We will also automatically notify the candidate to let him know he has not entered in your selection process.

If you would like more details about giving quick feedback to your candidates, check out more information here.

Step 4: Get in touch with your candidates via chat

Once you have preselected the candidates that best suit your needs, the last step is to get in touch with them and complete the selection process.

CornerJob allows you to contact them by chat, which will help you have a direct and real-time communication with them. The conversations you have with your candidates will be stored in your "Chat" tab.

To see more about how you can get in touch with your candidates, check out more information here.

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