Starting a chat conversation with your candidates will help you shorten the selection process and speed up the final steps. Furthermore, your candidates will be thrilled that you’re getting back to them quicker than other recruiters.

Once you've posted an offer, received your applications, and preselected the best ones, you're ready to get more in-depth information via chat. 

Remember: you always have full control over the interaction: candidates can't talk to you unless you decide to start the conversation.
If you open a chat pop-up with a pending candidate means that you're preselecting him/her.

In My candidates --> Preselected click on the blue icon named Chat to start chatting.
This way, you'll turn on the chat window.

You can open multiple conversations simultaneously.

By selecting the checkboxes of the applicants on the left side and then clicking on Chat you'll activate the broadcast option to send the same message to more candidates at the same time. 

The chat windows will be saved and will show up in the left menu. You'll be able to access all the conversations with the candidates.

By clicking Delete you can permanently delete a conversation.

You can share your feedback about the candidates by clicking on one of the emoticons in the top right section.

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