Are you looking for candidates who perfectly match your specific requirements? Add Flash Questions to your job offer and create a set of questions-answers to which the candidates can reply when applying. 

Create your Flash Questions

Find the Flash Questions editor on the right panel of your posting form and introduce a set of 4 questions. For each question, you can add the possible answers the candidates can choose when responding.

What your Flash Question will look like?

Automatically discard candidates 

Activate the "Automatic turn down" to automatically discard candidates based on the answers they have given to your questions:

Check out candidates' answers

You can see what your candidates answered to your Flash Questions from their profile. It will make it easier for you to preselect suitable candidates and keep them part of your selection process, or turn them down if they don't fit your criteria.

Why I don't see the Flash Questions feature?
Flash question is a Premium feature.
If you would like to get more information about our free and premium features, get in touch with us at or through our Live Chat widget.

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