When you preselect a candidate, you most likely want to get in touch with them right away. You can do so by accessing their contact details, which will show the candidates' e-mail and phone number.

Unhide your candidates contact details

You will be able to check out the contact details of you candidates you have preselected. You will see that information on the right side of the candidate profile, where you will be able to click on "Unhide contact details".

Note: Once the contact details feature is activated on your account, the offers you publish will mandatorily ask candidates' to inform their phone number, when applying to them.

I don't see the contact details of my preselected candidates. Why?

Access contact details is a Premium feature.
If you would like to get more information about our free and premium features, get in touch with us at support@cornerjob.com or through our Live Chat widget. 

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